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Ball Holders - Seat Guide Rails

February 02, 2017

Ball holders, commonly known as seat guide rails were traditionally made of metal however lately, the advancements in technology have made it possible to manufacture ball holders in plastic. Plastic ball holders have an edge over metal ones owing to their reduced weight and lesser cost. Plastic ball holders also do not stand a chance of quick depreciation as plastics are resistant to rust.
Plastic ball holders are made on multi-cavity injection moulding tools with very precise tolerances. After the moulding process, they move to automatic ball feeder, with robots. Once the balls are inserted into the cage, a camera controlled inspection is carried out to check various parameters like the ball’s diameter, existence of all the balls at the right place, over moulding, etc.
Honasco is one of the global leaders in production of these ball holders, and supplies the same to all major automotive seat tracks’ manufacturers. Honasco manufacturers 40 million seat ball holders every year and its core competency lies in making ball holders with assembled steel balls through a fully automatic assembly process.

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