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Injection Moulding Services

February 11, 2017

Plastic injection moulding is the most popular process used in developing plastic parts for the automotive industries. Injection moulding is now one of the most favoured ways when it comes to moulding plastic. Injection Moulding can be defined as a process wherein molten plastic is forced into a mould in order to eject the plastic part from the mould & once the plastic has cooled down.

Through injection moulding, one can produce more complex parts in any design which would otherwise be difficult to produce using other processes. 2K and 3K moulding are types of injection moulding which are now gaining popularity in automotive, medical and other industries. 2K and 3K moulding refers to producing parts by combining two or three materials together in a single mould. This process compels the use of soft touch surfaces & a hard functional area. One can use inserts within the plastic, in injection moulding.

Plastic injection moulding facilitates the production of an incredible amount of parts per hour, as compared to other processes. Thus, it is widely used in mass-production where one needs higher production with accuracy & low wastage. One can also increase such productivity by increasing the number of cavities in a mould.

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