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The leader in automotive seating comfort

January 17, 2017

Honasco is a highly specialized manufacturer of lumbar support systems made of flexible plastic for trucks’ car seats and office chairs. Our expertise lies in designing, developing and integrating lumbar support systems.

Honasco’s has developed this unique solution to adjust lumbar support in seating applications. The plastic part made by Honasco can be used with electric motors or manual adjustment knobs to increase or decrease the deflection of the lumbar support. The lumbar support system is also widely used in the furniture industry for office chairs. Besides that, it is used on front car seats in the automotive industry.

The lumbar support systems, at Honasco, are manufactured as jointly with Mullertech to create synergy between their design and our operations. Honasco’s key customers for lumbar support systems include Interstuhl, Faurecia and Magna.
In addition to components for seat comfort, we manufacture components for the seat release mechanism & headrest guides.

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