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Thermosetting Plastic Parts

March 06, 2017

Thermosetting can be explained as the competency in moulding high temperature materials to replace critical Aluminium and Steel components. These plastic materials are popularly made using formaldehyde as the primary raw material, which after moulding and softening is set to a hard mass in which its molecules are fixed. The process of moulding takes place while these plastics form many cross-linked polymer chains in their substance.
Honasco is an expert at moulding the thermosetting plastic which provides strength to the product. When heated, thermosetting plastic becomes soft enough to mould and later cools down to take the shape of the product/part. Such thermosetting plastic replaces materials like Aluminum and Steel. It retains its strength and shape through extreme heating too. This makes thermosetting plastics ideal for producing heat resistant products such as insulation parts, car parts, etc.

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